Difference Between Original And Copy iPhone Screen - What You Need to Know?

Difference Between Original And Copy iPhone Screen

Difference Between Original And Copy iPhone Screen - What You Need to Know?

When getting an iPhone Screen Replacement in Bangalore, customers may encounter shops that offer both original and third-party "copy" screens. Often, the first question asked is, "What's the difference?" Original screens are made by Apple, while copy screens are manufactured by other companies for compatibility. Customers often go for the cheaper iPhone screens due to the price difference, but original iPhone screens are highly recommended for their superior quality. To avoid making a regrettable mistake, it's important to understand the key differences between original and copy screens.

In this article, we will be sharing our knowledge of copy screens and how different they are from original iPhone screens.

1. Digitizer and Touch Problems

While talking about iPhone repair in Bangalore, a key difference between original and copy screens is the design of the touch sensor, also known as the digitizer. Original Apple screens integrate the digitizer with the LCD, while copy screens attach it to the glass. Some companies produce bare LCDs that can be purchased by other companies to complete a screen. However, this means that you may end up with a high-quality LCD but a poor-quality digitizer.

2. Low Quality LCD Panels

When going for a iPhone Screen Replacement in Bangalore, purchasing a copy screen results in a subpar image quality for your phone due to its poor-quality LCD, which causes issues such as weak brightness, contrast, and vibrancy, grainy appearance due to low resolution, and slower refresh rate.

3. Mismatched Parts

The performance specifications (e.g. power drain) of most copy screens do not match those of the original, leading to faster battery drain and miscommunication with the operating system optimized for the original screen. This mismatch can even damage the backlight. Our iPhone repair shop in Bangalore often handles repairs for less experienced shops and receives backlight repair requests frequently. We’ve had cases where we fixed the circuit, fitted the new copy screen to test it, and had it break the circuit again!

4. Fingerprint ID Problems

If your phone features an in-display fingerprint sensor, using a copied screen is not advisable as it’s going to mess with your fingerprint accuracy. We know copied iPhone screens for their poor quality, and it also extends to the fingerprint sensor. Hence, it takes a longer time to unlock your device. And in other cases, the security of the sensor is not accurate. We've seen situations where phones get unlocked with many unregistered fingers after replacing the screen with a copied one.

5. Gets Broken Easily

They manufacture copied iPhone screens with poor glass materials. Hence, they break quicker than the originals. When this occurs, you'll only have one solution: to replace the screen once again.

Why you should select the Green apple service centre for iPhone screen replacement Bangalore?

The primary advantage of choosing for the Green apple service center over independent/local repair shops is the availability of authentic iPhone screen parts. The Green apple service center not only provides genuine iPhone replacement in Bangalore but also offer several benefits, such as certified technicians, advanced tools to prevent additional damage, and a trust worthy.

Final Conclusion

In conclusion, it is recommended to iPhone users to avoid copy screen over the original for iPhone screen repair in Kammanahalli, Bangalore. It will lead to various bad consequences eventually that will cost them the increased price. All they can do is to get proper knowledge from the above guide about the related services and go to a rich experienced and expert iPhone service center in Kammanahalli, Bangalore.

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